Privacy Policy

1. Business name

Maruka Corporation

2. Affiliation and contact information of the administrator

Affiliation: General Affairs Department
Contact information: Phone +81-6-6450-6823 (pilot number)

3. Purpose of use of personal information

Our use of personal information shall be confined to the following purposes when we have been entrusted with handling personal information by a customer or when we have obtained personal information on our own. In the event that we use personal information for any other purposes, we shall inform you upon each occurrence by written notice, electronic mail, or fax, or through a separate website.

(1) When obtained directly from the customer, in writing
・Personal information concerning inquiries
In order to send materials requested concerning our business
・Personal information regarding questionnaires
In order to conduct questionnaires and reflect the information gained in our various services
・Personal information concerning clients
In order to conduct clerical matters, including product shipping and invoicing, etc.
・Personal information obtained at seminars and events sponsored or participated in by our company
To inform about seminars and events or provide services
To send direct mail
・Personal employee information
For employee personnel administration, business management, health care, and security control
・Personal information concerning employment applicants
To contact applicants and assist in recruitment operations

(2) When obtained through means other than directly from the customer in writing
Security camera images
To preserve and maintain physical assets of the company

(3) When requested by the customer
To print various lists and registers
To assist in operations related to campaign programs by each company
To aid in running and managing the website
Printing and shipment of products including personal information

4. Third-Party disclosure of personal information

We do not disclose personal information to third parties, except in the following situations:
When we have obtained the customer’s express consent;
To comply with the law;
When it is necessary for the protection of life, person, or property, but difficult to obtain the customer’s express consent;
When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy growth of children, but difficult to obtain the customer’s express consent;
When it is legally necessary to cooperate with government agencies, local public authorities, or those so commissioned, but obtaining customer consent may hinder the execution of duty; and
When it is necessary to entrust all or part of a customer’s personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose(s) of use in order to facilitate operations.

5. Joint use of personal information

The nature of our joint use of personal information is as follows:

・Items of personal information that are shared:
Address, name, company, affiliation, phone number, FAX number, and e-mail address

・Purpose of use of those with whom this information is shared:
To assist in the various aspects of business with the client
To offer beneficial and appropriate products and services to our customers throughout all our business activities

・Party responsible for personal information under joint use:
Maruka Corporation

6. Entrusting of personal information

We commission out a portion of our operations in order to offer a better service experience to our customers. This may involve giving the entrusted company personal information. In that case, we will select a subcontractor deemed appropriate for the handling of personal information, decide on the necessary items in the contract to prevent the leakage of personal information, including establishing confidentiality agreements, etc., and ensure they conduct appropriate administration.

7. Requests for the disclosure of personal information

Customers can contact our consultation office concerning requests for the disclosure of their own personal information (purpose of use notification, disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of contents, suspension or discontinuance of use, or suspension of third-party provision). In such a case, we will take action within a reasonable time after confirming the identity of the customer. While information entrusted by the client company does not fall under personal information to be disclosed, we shall abide by particular client instructions in the case that they are provided.

8. Voluntariness of providing personal information

It is left to the discretion of the customer whether to provide personal information to our company. However, the lack of certain information may make it difficult for us to provide adequate service.

9. Passive acquisition of personal information (which the customer may not be aware of)

Some pages on our website may use Cookies. Cookies allow you a more convenient browsing experience when you visit the site again. Personal information such as your name, birthdate, telephone number, e-mail address, address, or account number is not included in Cookies. Additionally, there are no adverse effects to your computer from Cookies.

All pages on our website that request the input of personal information are protected by SSL data encryption. Furthermore, we have also enabled a firewall to protect your information. However, owing to the nature of data transmission on the Internet, we cannot fully guarantee safety. Thank you for your understanding.

[Consultation Office]

The disclosure of personal information that we actively acquire and store in a usable format can be requested by the customer.

Business name: Maruka Corporation
Purpose of use: See item 3.
To make a complaint concerning the handling of disclosable information:
540-0024 2-2-5 Minamishinmachi,Chuo-ku, Osaka
Maruka Corporation
Personal Information Consultation Office General Affairs Department  Tel:+81-6-6450-6823
*We are unavailable on Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, and holidays observed by this company.
・Procedure for disclosure request: Please see the procedures for the request of disclosable information.