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Sending mail

We may respond directly by e-mail to inquiries or requests by customers. Furthermore, per the customer’s agreement, we may also send company-related information out by e-mail.
Copyright of the information within such communication belongs to this company and the unpermitted transfer of this material to another website or print media is forbidden.


While we take the greatest possible care in uploading information to our website, we do not offer any guarantee concerning its accuracy or certainty.
We assume no responsibility for software or hardware accidents or damages that arise from use of this website or for any trouble that may occur between users or third parties.

Modifications to website information and suspension of administration

All information printed on this website is current as of the point in time it was listed, and content may be modified or deleted without prior notification. Discrepancies may arise as information is printed over time.
Please understand that service may be temporarily discontinued or suspended or file names or the URL (the website address) may be modified without prior warning. We assume no responsibility for broken links, areas that are not displayed properly, or any other errors.

Site Links

You are in principle free to link to this website and is required.
However, you may be asked to remove the link depending on the content of the website or the manner in which this site was linked to.
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Please refrain from displaying this website within your website’s frame, as the original source of the information can be misleading to users. Please make sure to have links to this website open in a new window and reflect that they will be going to Maruka Corporation.

Proposal ideas

We accept opinions, inquiries, and consultations from customers through e-mail.
However, excluding contests or calls for ideas initiated by this company, we do not in principle accept ideas for new products, product names, campaigns, etc. In the event that you have sent a proposal for an idea, we have no obligation to evaluate, consider, adopt, or maintain confidentiality concerning the idea; even in the event that a part or all of a product, product name, campaign, etc. is related to or overlaps with the content of the proposal provided, we shall accept no responsibility, including monetary compensation.

Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction

Japanese law shall be invoked concerning these Terms of Service and items concerning this website.
Furthermore, in the event that a dispute arises over the use of this website, the exclusive court of jurisdiction shall be the Osaka District Court.