Corporate Profile


Beyond Machinery; Continued search for Unique Solutions


Since its foundation in 1946, Maruka has carved out its history aiming to be a “most dependable company for all” with “Sincerity is Everything in Life” as the guiding philosophy, “Sincere Service” & “Unique Solutions” as our mottoes, “Customer Satisfaction” as our mission, and “Happiness of individuals” & “Prosperity of company” & “Contribution to society” as the core pillars for management.

To be relied upon by all of you in this very confusing “Era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)”, we believe we need to establish our new identity for the future by pursuing expansion in various industries and still maintain our core values.

Maruka promises by doing so that we will continue to provide “Unique Solutions” for your satisfaction by utilizing our strong and the total power of Maruka Group.

I would greatly appreciate your continued support and guidance.

President & Chief Executive Officer
Kunihiko Iida