Corporate Profile


We would like to express our deep appreciation for your faithful patronage and assistance.

We have achieved continuous progress for almost 70 years since our establishment in 1946, guided by our company’s precept of “Sincerity is everything in life” atop our motto of “Sincere service,” and according to our mission of “Customer satisfaction.” We fully intend to maintain this management philosophy as the backbone of the Maruka Group. As a trading company specializing in machinery that contributes to global manufacturing, we have offered products and systems that satisfy our customers without fail.

We have long established operations overseas and are pursuing a global business presence in the major cities of North America, Asia, and China. Just as we have offered superior technology to the world from Japan, we will continue to propose and offer machines, systems, and services that satisfy our customers from around the world, in line with the remarkable pace of technological growth in China and other countries of Asia.

Amidst drastically evolving business environments, the total strength of the Maruka Group will enable us to achieve leaps and bounds through bold inspiration and changes. Based on our management philosophy, we will realize fair and appropriate management and dispatch our social responsibility.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

取締役社長 竹下敏章 President
Toshiaki Takeshita